Virtual Tour: Nara-Palace, Japan

平城宮跡歴史公園 令和3年梅雨

Virtual Tour: Nara-Palace Park, Japan

Virtual Tour: Nara-Palace Park, Japan: (by Meidansha Co Japan.) includes a Matterport 3D tour, 360 photos and Environmental sound.

It was a a week of hot summer days shortly before the Japanese rainy season finished. Meaning the humidity was 70% or more only broken by the afternoon breaze and the occaisional lightning storm.

All these sounds and images are recorded in the tour to give you the feeling of being in Japan when this was made, right down to the droning of the Cicadas pervasive throughout the tour.

Meidansha with the help of Kevin Doyle Jr. brings the scene alive with high resolution DSLR shot 360s, environmental sound and 3D digital twins, made with the latest Lidar technology, of the reconstruction of the palace southern-gate (overseen by Shimizu Construction and comissioned by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. ). Meidansha was contracted to make the digital twin of the reconstruction of the ancient Heijo Capital gate by the Japanese advertising conglomerate Dentsu via its subsidiary “Dentsu Live” in July 2021.

The tour also includes scenes of the inside of the gate only accessible to maintenance crews shot with a Matterport made camera.

It was made with a combination of a Sony α7RⅣ using a Sanyang 12mm fish-eye lens, a Leica BLK 360 and a Matterport Pro2 Camera.

The sound was recorded by multimedia artist Kevin Doyle Jr, using Zoom made recording devices.

The software used to house the tour was 3D Vista  and Matterport’s cloud based software. The Southern Gate that was still under reconstruction at the time of scanning.

This tour gives you the chance to see a gate to a Japanese palace up close and from high viewpoint and also gives you the ability to enter the inside something only ususally possible for maintenance crews.

Please enjoy this tour and when in need of 360 photographs or footage from Japan please contact MEIDANSHA (All staff speak English).